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Jeff and Leanne’s Gulf Trip

As you know Jeff and Leanne Hedges owners of TJM Sunshine Coast are currently on a big five week trip from the Sunshine Coast to the Gulf and back!

They are TJM equipped with their 200 Series LandCruiser and 21 foot caravan, with a tinny on board.

We are tracking their journey and sharing their adventures …..

Here is what they got up to on Week 2!……..

Week 2

Have added a few more pictures from the Porcupine Gorge Walk. Leanne’s aunts and uncles aged from 65 to 71 have joined them on tour along the way; they also did the walk with Jeff and Leanne.

Day 8

We left off last week with Jeff and Leanne arriving at Cobbold Gorge and were enjoying a swim and drink.

Day 9

Jeff and Leanne plus Leanne’s aunts and uncles did the Cobbold Gorge Tour, Jeff said ‘what an awesome tour. This place just blows your mind, a spectacular spot’.

Day 10

Jeff, Leanne and Leanne’s aunts and uncles then headed to Undara Resort.

Leanne said ‘it was a pretty place but very expensive and the van sites were just a slopping bit of dirt in the paddock full of cobbler pegs. Hopefully they spend a bit more on their sites. Burgers were $17.50’.

Jeff said ‘beautiful bar and bistro area but campsites very disappointing for the top dollar $37.00per night they charge, very uneven drive through site where we had to unhitch to get the van level, cobbler pegs everywhere, pitty they don’t spend as much time maintaining the campsite as they do on the main area. Fuel also ridiculous $1.98 here $1.34 in Mt Surprise and Georgetown’.

Day 11

Jeff, Leanne, aunts and uncles did the Undarra Lava Tubes, which they said were amazing, really stunning experience.

After the tour headed into Georgetown, had a swim and spent the night at the local caravan park in Georgetown, which Jeff said was great and very friendly. They checked out the local pub and won a chook meat tray!

Day 12

Jeff and Leanne with aunts and uncles in tow, left Georgetown and headed off to Croydon where they spent a couple of days in the local caravan park.

Did some sightseeing at the Croydon mining museum. They also tried a bit of fishing at Lake Belmore near here but still no luck for a barra. Checked out the local views and saw the oldest continuous operating shop in Queensland. Croydon has a lot of history as a gold mining town with a lot of the original buildings still there.

Jeff and Leanne met up with a good mate, Neville Goggi from Cardwell who was out here working. They met Neville and his wife Kathy 2 years ago when we did the J4K rally to Cape York trip; Neville and Kathy were the cooks for the trip.

Day 13

Monday Jeff and Leanne headed to Karumba a 224 km drive away.

They had a very interesting day, unfortunately hitting a Brolga they couldn’t’ avoid – everyone including the Brolga were all fine. They made it to Karumba with the windscreen still intact however they had to return to Normanton the next day to get it replaced.

At the Caravan Park at Karumba Jeff and Leanne were set up directly across from the cleaning tables, admiring the days catch.

Jeff and Leanne also caught up with an old friend Dennis Jackall.

Day 14

It’s hot in Karumba with May records broken while Jeff and Leanne were there! The air conditioning is being well used in the caravan!

Jeff and Leanne are enjoying Karumba and the happy hour! Happy hour included a big fish cook up of fresh Queenfish shared to all.


Catch up here next week for more adventures (and here’s hoping there is some fish catching bragging!!)….