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Jeff and Leanne’s Gulf Trip!

Jeff and Leanne Hedges owners of TJM Sunshine Coast have headed off this April on a big trip for five weeks from the Sunshine Coast to the Gulf and back!

They are TJM equipped with their 200 Series LandCruiser and 21 foot caravan, with a tinny on board.

We are tracking their journey and sharing their adventures….

Here is what they got up to on Week 3 …. and yes we finally have some fish!

Week 3

Jeff and Leanne have had a lovely week at Karumba. They decided to extend their stay there as they were thoroughly enjoying the social happy hours and relaxing, caught up with an old friend and met some new friends, loved the beautiful spot and sunsets, and let alone the fishing was pretty fantastic too!

Day 15

The day started well – Jeff found a bigger boat!

It proved to work!! …. (the tinny is still sitting on top of the car!).

Jeff, Dennis and friends came back from their fishing trip bragging about their catch! They didn’t catch a barramundi however one of the men did at 8.5kg! Well done, fish again for dinner!

Leanne in the meantime took it easy with her aunts and they headed out to a lovely ladies lunch by the water – looks like a beautiful spot!

The evening’s entertainment was a flea market and sausage sizzle, then a social catch up at happy hour.


Day 16

Rose early to watch the sun rising at Karumba.

Was another hot day up to 35 degrees, luckily they found another pool and had a refreshing swim.

Leanne found an interesting sign in the toilets indicating you are in a retiree’s park, where they stay for 6 to 9 months!

Bit of a sight seeing tour around town, the picture of the little brick house has a story. Apparently this house was built with bricks from the old Normanton meat works. A man rode his bike there and back every day carrying 4 bricks with him for 2 years. Leanne also found the shed her son Jason built.

Dinner was at the local pub the Karumba Point Sunset Hotel, watching the sunset. Jeff said ‘great venue, great sunset and a great dinner with some very good friends and back to the park for some evening drinks, in all a top night’.


Day 17

Friday Jeff Leanne and Leanne’s aunts and uncles headed off to do the Barramundi farm tour, which they found was extremely interesting.

At happy hour a game was the entertainment and the local fish shop sent over a tray of fish, calamari and prawns to share!

Day 18

Saturday included a day relaxing. The night’s entertainment was the caravan park put on a free fish cook up for all for dinner


Day 19

Sunday was Mother’s Day, which was celebrated with a free pancake breaky at the caravan park.

Jeff and Bob headed out fishing again on Mother’s Day while Leanne had a lovely morning out with her aunts.

At sunset they all headed down to the spot to watch the sunset for one last time at Karumba.

Their last night at Karumba was a candelabra dinner.

Day 20

All packed up they headed off from Karumba and went south. Overnighted at the Burke & Wills Roadhouse which was hot and dry. They then moved onto Gregory Downs and we think they are now on their way to Lawn Hill….


Stay tuned for next week adventures of Jeff and Leanne’s Gulf Trip …..