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Jeff and Leanne’s Gulf Trip!

Jeff and Leanne Hedges owners of TJM Sunshine Coast have headed off this April on a big trip for five weeks from the Sunshine Coast to the Gulf and back!

They are TJM equipped with their 200 Series LandCruiser and 21 foot caravan, with a tinny on board.

We are tracking their journey and sharing their adventures, and we are hoping they use that tinny and see them brag about the fish they catch!

You might like to follow this trip itinerary or there might be a spot you may like to explore! Lets get to their adventures!….

Week 4

Jeff and Leanne have been out of range this week so we are guessing their movements a bit, but here is the gist of their week!

Day 20

We left them last week when they headed off after a lovely week at Karumba and headed south to the Burke and Wills Roadhouse for a night. However when they got there and saw a dry, hot and dusty place (see photos), they changed their minds. Leanne’s aunt and uncle travelling with them said their farewells and headed off to the west coast travelling Australia until Christmas.

Jeff, Leanne, and Leanne’s other aunt and uncle moved on and headed to Gregory River on Gregory Downs and stayed there Monday night.

Days 21 and 22

After a quiet night at Gregory Downs they were up early, packed up and travelled to Adels Grove where they stayed Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

They first set up at a site where they could run the generators, however the site was pretty ordinary hot, dusty and rocky, so they packed up and moved to a much nicer and cooler site. Was a great spot and they found a nice swimming hole for a refreshing dip.


Days 23 and 24

Thursday they moved on and stopped at the fossill site and did a bit of exploring.

They headed to their camp spot O’Shannessys River for Thursday and Friday night. The satellite tv even got set up by Leanne’s aunt and uncle.

They spent Thursday at Lawn Hill Gorge and did a boat tour, a beautiful spot. The following morning they saw the daybreak with the arc of the moon up above the trees as the sun was about to come up.

Day 25 and 26

Headed off to Mount Isa. For a bit of excitement Leanne’s uncle ran out of fuel on the way! Trip into town to get some fuel saw them out of trouble!

They all visited Lake Monduran and the granite mine for a spot of sight seeing with Jeff and Leanne’s nephew and family who live in Mount Isa, and also owns the TJM shop there!

Jeff also had a go at 4WD rock climbing at the granite mine!

Days 27 and 28

After seeing all there was to see in Mount Isa, they headed off on Tuesday to Cloncurry, seeing some beautiful and scenic ranges on route. They visited the Cloncurry Museum and then headed to McKinlay to camp there overnight.

Of course they visited and had a drink or two at the local tourist attraction the famous Walkabout Creek Hotel, the Australian pub featured in the Crocodile Dundee movies.

Day 29

Wednesday they headed into Winton, where the countryside changed significantly.

Jeff was in his elemant at the truck museum at Winton, Leanne said ‘like a kid in a lolly shop’. Checked out some other Winton sigts including the musical fence and Arno’s wall.

They camped the night at Winton, where Leanne noticed the smell of the local water!

Winton and Longreach are of course situated on the Great Artesian Basin, one of the largest artesian groundwater basins in the world.

Some interesting information about the water from this Basin:

Water quality across the Basin is generally quite good, although in some areas the pH may be very high and generally high sodium levels make it unsuitable for irrigation.

The Winton Township bores produce water that is approximately 83-86 degrees Celsius, which has to be cooled to around 44 degrees Celsius through a radiator system and cooling ponds before it is circulated into the town supply.

Trapped with the water is sulphur gas, which gives Winton’s water a distinctive smell. If the water is allowed to stand to allow the gas to escape and chilled, it is the sweetest, cleanest water on earth. The sulphur in the water also causes precious metals, especially silver, to tarnish. So take care not to wear your jewellery in the shower. If your jewellery does tarnish, it’s nothing a good clean won’t cure.

While you are in Winton, have a look at the bores that supply the town, and the cooling system used.


Stay tuned for Jeff and Leanne’s Gulf Trip next week – their last week, they are on their way home!…..