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Jeff and Leanne’s Gulf Trip!

Jeff and Leanne Hedges owners of TJM Sunshine Coast have headed off this April on a big trip for five weeks from the Sunshine Coast to the Gulf and back!

They are TJM equipped with their 200 Series LandCruiser and 21 foot caravan, with a tinny on board.

We are tracking their journey and sharing their adventures, and we are hoping they use that tinny and see them brag about the fish they catch!

You might like to follow this trip itinerary or there might be a spot you may like to explore! Lets get to their adventures!….

Week 1

Day 1

Jeff and Leanne left home buzzing with excitment on their much anticipated trip. Their first day they headed to Emerald and pulled up late after a full days drive, 822km in 8.5 hours – think Jeff was on a mission!

We did hear they didn’t get far up the Bruce Highway when they realised they had forgotten something and had to come back home to get it!! So it pays to have that check list and check it before you head off!

In Jeff’s words ‘bloody awsome tow vehicle 3.5 tonne van and 3.8 tonne truck and still averaged almost 100kph. Another big effort tomorrow then we can slow down and enjoy the break’.

Day 2

Up early to see the sun rising in Emerald, Jeff and Leanne headed off from Emerald to Porcupine Gorge.

Day 3

Jeff and Leanne camped at Porcupine Gorge, a great spot and got up early and walked the 2.5km gorge round trip, which is a very steep walk.

Day 4

Jeff and Leanne left Porcupine Gorge and head to The Lynd. They camped the night at The Lynd Oasis Roadhouse and had a drink at the smallest bar in Australia.

Day 5 & 6

They left The Lynd and headed to Einasleigh River to have a restful camp for two days. Andrew at TJM Sunshine Coast found this spot for his upcoming Gulf trip, but Jeff decided to beat him and get there first. They relaxed and had a fish, though didn’t catch anything – what a shame!

Day 7

They left Einasleigh River and headed to Cobbold Gorge, where they are staying at Cobbold for three days.

Jeff’s words ‘ made it to Cobbold Gorge today, what an oasis in the bush. Had a swim in the wet edge pool, bloody cold, but very refreshing on a 31° day, may just have to consume an ale at the bar’.


Stay tuned for more of Jeff and Leanne’s Gulf Trip ….. coming soon!