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Neurum Creek Drive Weekend September 2015


The TJM Sunshine Coast Drive Weekend in September saw us head to Neurum Creek Bush Retreat, a popular family camp ground just past Woodford, in South East Queensland.

Keen campers and four wheel drivers joined us for the weekend for lots of social fun, four wheel drive action through the picturesque countryside, and another delicious cook up!

Most people escaped the city and joined us Friday night, set up camp and enjoyed some relaxing social time around the camp fire.

After breakfast on Saturday morning, 15 cars headed off for a scenic drive through Mt Mee State Forest. We had a few hills we navigated safely up and down then headed to a lovely picnic ground for lunch. We got back to camp in time for the cooking to begin!

The cooking competition again saw incredible meals presented for judging and devouring! Again everyone went to such fantastic efforts with gourmet camp meals presented. We have a number of strong competitors in the field!

There was some fantastic TJM gear up for grabs as prizes! First place went, for the second time, to Colin Littleford who did a brilliant job again with a tasty stew served in a roasted pumpkin plus baked some fresh rolls! Second place went to Lynne Ross with her beef stew and we had a tie for third with Tracee Reston for her chicken tagine and another happy camper for his pizzas. Thank you everyone for all of your delicious cooking and congratulations to the winners. After the judges were full, we all jumped in and had a delicious communal meal!

The cooking competition has become very popular and we are holding it again in November at our Inskip Point Adventure Weekend. So the challenge has been set who can beat Colin?!

Sunday we had a lazy rise and TJM Sunshine Coast cooked up a hot breakfast for all!  As it was Fathers Day participants packed up at their leisure and headed home.

After another great event, votes went around for another weekend at the beach next time. Our fun weekends are now called ‘Adventure Weekends’ to really capture what the events are about and to accommodate all of our club members. Our Adventure Weekends are all about having fun, being social, enjoying a drive if you wish or just sit back and relax your weekend away!

Register now!

Our next fun Adventure Weekend is on Friday 13th to Sunday 15th of November, at Inskip Point.

Numbers are limited to these events, so register now!

The team at TJM Sunshine Coast looks forward to catching up with everyone, thank you all for your support, and we hope you all have a great fun filled weekend!